3D Modeling

Our team is able to get our clients a very accurate model that in some cases is a combination of thousands of layers and faces to compile an accurate 3D design. We achieve this with a few different types of technology. One of them is photogrammetry which is a process we can do with a simple digital camera.

The other is a very accurate option for large scale models. This is our LiDar drone. LiDar incorporates thousands of lasers that can detail everything down to individual blades of grass over acres of land. This is of course a more expensive option but one that allows for a very large model to be created. Our team designed and engineered our own LiDar drone that we used to accomplish these models.

For those in need of real cityscapes, we have access to Open Streets Maps allowing us to slice and modify cities or landscapes with in the open street maps platform and use those files for digital modeling or printing purposes.

In all situations we are willing to work under Non-Disclosure-Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights contracts.

3D Modeling

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