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3D Manufacturing

3D Manufacturing

We offer various types of 3D print filaments and can shape any type of metal with our CNC mills and routers. We provide the best quality American products by exceeding the required specifications for your project. Our team sources’ many of our materials from American companies ensuring our materials are of the highest quality and most importantly there is no interruption in our supply chain. Some of the products we are able to create are:

Lithophanes – A custom 3D picture that will illuminate your room. 

PPE    Face Shields/ Face Masks/ N95 Filters 

Custom / Replacement Auto Parts– finding online specs and designing our pieces to help some who might not be able to find specific parts due to cars being older or custom. 

Custom Firearm Accessories– Fore grips, magazine, stocks

Custom Holiday Decorations– tree light figures, tree ornaments & toppers, halloween costumes and decorations

Prototyping of virtually any type of product.

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3D Manufacturing

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