About Us

We have a headquarters, warehouse, manufacturing, and fabrication facility located on one secured property in Auburndale, FL. This will serve as our manufacturing hub and future electronics recycling center. This facility is the one we are using to get our security clearance for the government. The facility has security 24 hours a day and is gated. The facility is easily accessed by trucks and has a rail line available should we need to activate it.

Our initial goal is to utilize advanced technologies to manufacture and prototype products in the Central Florida area and Nationwide online. After doing our research we have come to find there is no other 3D printing or prototyping company in the Central Florida area, and we are the only one in Polk County. We are capable of 120,000 N95 masks/ filters per month, which we are marketing to hundreds of government agencies every month. While we see PPE as a valuable source of income for the next 5-10 years, we believe it is our responsibility to assist our communities to perform this crucial service in this tough time. Based on the situation here in the United States and worldwide with COVID-19, it’s important to have a business model built to adapt to situations like this in the future. We have all felt the effects of the products we need becoming unavailable due to them being made, in whole or part, overseas’. This is due to restrictions in foreign trade issues, economic issues, war or pandemic restrictions it can really happen at any time. There is not one area of American supply chains that isn’t in some part controlled by forces outside of American borders, this true whether talking about our food supply, electronics, military equipment, automotive parts, or vital pieces of our medical supply chain, most of these products have ties to overseas suppliers. It’s important for our national security and local stability to have a more American made supply chain and offer the world quality American made products. It is on this basis that we here at Sweetwater Consulting Corporation will bring a new type of recycling and manufacturing process to America‚Äôs infrastructure and provide a steady source of American products. By sourcing our materials locally, using advanced technologies and processes, we will ensure our quality products meet production deadlines and the highest standards. We are Contractors for the United States government. Our company is also a vendor for many states and municipalities around the United States. We are working on becoming an exporter to foreign governments specifically for N95 masks. If you have any questions please contact us!