Sweetwater Consulting Corporation



We are preparing to launch our own Crypto-Currency initially to fund the tooling of our manufacturing facility and hire the necessary personnel. Any excess funds would then shift to future product development and advancing our companies overall abilities. If you would like to learn more about our ICO you view a copy of our white papers here. Some of the features our coin will have are very unique and look to give many of the early coin users a unique opportunities with our company.

3D Printer Prototype

Our Wishing Well model is a DELTA 3D printer capable of printing every filament from PLA to soft METAL filaments & it also offers a modular head allowing you to switch from 3D printing to a CNC router, giving you extreme versatility in your shop. It is capable of making nearly every piece to every product on the planet. There is really not much else to say when it comes to this specimen. We believe it to be one of our best products available to America’s manufacturing base in the future. Our printer will be undergoing certification by the FAA to make a number of aircraft parts.

Future Products (currently under research)

UV-C N95 Purifying Filters

We are updating our filters and mask with a UV-C light filter added to our N95 filter that will create a filter and mask that can be reused over a hundred times before the filter has to be replaced. The mask itself will work on a rechargeable battery system for the light filter. The mask and filter housing are able to be cleaned with disinfectants and reassembled between uses.

3D Printer Filaments

We are looking into several types of advanced filament prototypes some of which have defense and aerospace applications.


One large part of our future will include recycling our own products along with electronics. We are able to utilize aluminum and electronic PCB’s. This allows us to extract precious metals such as Copper, Gold, Silver, and Palladium.


Our Beehive Agricultural Monitoring System is centered around a specific type of farming that we know to be superior after looking at years of research it is known as aquaponics farming. Our monitoring sensors will monitor many different aspects from temperature, water flow, nutrient levels, and will zone the entire system giving the farmer the ability to check their systems via a phone app. This will allow farmers to target problems before they begin to become larger issues. This of course makes farming more efficient and therefore more profitable.

3D Construction Team

We plan on taking our manufacturing expertise to new heights in the future. This would include building homes and buildings with the latest 3D construction technologies. These buildings will be completely custom and can be built in a matter of days. We believe this technology will make home prices more affordable, giving more Americans the opportunity to own the home of their dreams.