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SWCC White Papers

SWCC White Papers


This disclaimer states that anyone who does business with anyone associated with any terrorist organization by the definition of the law of the United States, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Department of Homeland Security. Anyone found to be associated with such organizations will forfeit their coins within 48 hours of notification to the company at purchase value. This process cannot be appealed.

Our company complies with anti-money laundering laws and will not allow any investor tied to such endeavors to operate with our currency. Any investor found to be supporting money laundering activities or The citizens or residents of countries deemed to be at war or adversaries of the United States will have to forfeit all digital assets with in 48 hours of notification at purchase value. This process can be appealed unless, a governing court has already made a judgement on these digital assets.

Investment in our coin does not guarantee return on investment or stability in the value of our digital asset. Our coin is not insured by FDIC or any other investment insurance. Coin holders will have the option to vote quarterly via our website sweetcoin.group. Registration is required in order to vote which will require us to identify our coin holders for voting purposes. Our Head of Digital Assets Division will speak on behalf of the investors at board meetings. All company bylaws and corporate proceeding are documented according to law and will be available to qualified investors upon request. 

These White Papers should be considered a living document, subject to change at anytime. At Sweetwater Consulting Corporation we will do our best to meet all timelines for sales, product development, employment and project goals. Due to unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19 no part of this white paper is legally binding. 

Executive Summary

The Company

The owners would like to start a business in the Manufacturing and Prototyping industries with a focus on advanced technologies, materials and processes. 

Corporate Structure

The company is structured as an S-Corporation incorporated in Florida with 25,000,000 shares in total. We are also offering 50,000,000 Sweetcoins (SWCC). The company will hold 30,000,000 coins as safeguard for coin integrity and stability. Our owners will hold 5,000,000 coins leaving another 15,000,000 coins available to our investors. We plan on issuing coins from the companies holdings only if additional investment is required. We do not plan on going public on any stock exchange at any point in the future. All stocks will be held privately. Our coins will be regulated according to the laws of the United States.

Goals and Objectives

Our initial goal is to utilize advanced technologies to manufacture and prototype products in the Central Florida area and World-wide online. After doing our research we have come to find there is no other 3D printing or prototyping company in the Central Florida area, and we are the only one in Polk County. We are capable of making thousands of face shields and N95 masks/ filters per month, which we are marketing to hundreds of government agencies every day. While we see Personal Protection Equipment as a valuable source of income for the next 5-10 years, we believe it is our responsibility to assist our communities to perform this crucial service in this tough time. Based on the situation here in the United States and worldwide with COVID-19 it’s important to have a business model built to adapt to situations like this in the future, we have all felt the effects of the products we need being made overseas becoming unavailable due to restrictions in foreign trade whether due to trade war or pandemic travel restrictions. Whether it’s our food supply, electronics, military equipment, automotive parts or vital pieces of our medical supply chain, most of these products have ties to overseas suppliers. It’s important for our national security and local stability to have a regionally sourced supply chain and offer the world quality American made products. It is on this basis that we here at Sweetwater Consulting Corporation will bring a new type of recycling and manufacturing process to America’s infrastructure. By sourcing our materials within the continental United States, using advanced technologies and processes, we will ensure our quality products meet production deadlines and the highest quality standards. We hope to be able to provide a model that can be duplicated anywhere in the world, creating sustainable manufacturing process’ that will spread across the industry that will serve as the example countries need for creating stronger communities which are the backbone for manufacturing.

Problems we intend to solve or assist with our project

  • Global N95 mask supply
  • American Manufacturing capability
  • Blockchain Acceptance amongst American Banking Institutions & government bodies
  • Advancing manufacturing technology & recycling process’

Coin holder features:

  • Since our company manufacturers items we are able to accept such currency for our products and services. Taxes will still apply as necessary. 
  • Access to Sweetcoin.group to use your coin power to vote in our quarterly board meetings. These meetings will be available via transcript initially and once available we will have these available via our media channels. 
  • Exclusive discounts on merchandise and products.
  • Access to our yearly geocaching treasure hunt. 
  • Access to company news by the minute via shareholder accounts. This would include procurement of contracts, revenue reports, and many other daily updates. 
  • Coin Holders will have the ability to contact our corporate headquarters with questions or concerns.
  • Early investors will be set up with unique opportunities that will take place once a year all around the nation once COVID-19 safety protocols allow for it. 

Corporate reinvestment in Sweetcoin

We know that Sweetwater and the endeavors we are undertaking would not happen without the investment from our Sweetcoin holders. Our team has spent over a year trying to get investment capital from all the traditional sources such as banks, credit unions, government agencies, and have been turned away with many excuses. So we believe in rewarding our investors and most importantly keeping our company profitable. We will add 15% of our yearly revenues to our coins value. If we over achieve revenue goals by more than 100% we give and additional 15% to the coin’s value. 

Staffing Requirements over the next 5 years

CEO/ President- Overseas all company process’ on a day-to-day basis. 

(Not Filled) CFO/ Bookkeeper- This position will be done with a third party. One who specializes in corporate tax structure.

Head of Marketingperson is in charge of all marketing material production and implementation. 

Director of Digital Assets- person will reach out to investors once a month to get their opinions and take a vote on how our investors would like to see the direction of the company go. 

(Not Filled) 3D Design Team- Our candidates will intern at the position we are currently sending out to request to colleges to find the brightest candidates available.  At the moment we currently have a number of independent 3D model specialists we are able to work with on a per-project basis.

(Not Filled) Master Electrician- This person will engineer UL required components for our products that require it. This is also a 1099 position. 

(Not Filled) Commercial Account Manager- As Rob builds his book of business he can delegate account management to incoming sales personnel. 

(Not filled) General Tech- This will be a hire that begins as an intern-first position. We will hire on qualified individuals to this position as needed for the company to sustain operations.

(Not filled) GSA Primary Contact- We are looking to hire an ex Top Military official or procurement officer. One who will have intimate knowledge of the government contracting process and government officials.

(Not filled) Military Prototyping Specialists- This is a person who will have intimate knowledge of current defense engineering needs and a background in military engineering. We would like this person to work hand in hand with our GSA primary contact agent. This will also be the person responsible for implementing our military round tables. 

(Not filled) Lobbyist- We hope to hire a person to meet with our government contacts to push forward the idea of our core concept of supply chain security, one that is locally sourced for American Made materials, products and the companies that support this process. This person would be a versatile position and could shift focuses accordingly to our needs at any time. 

Company Management Structure

  • Stephen Pate as CEO and will have all final decision-making capabilities. If he were to pass or become unable to perform duties all responsibility will transfer to David De La Paz primary shareholder or appoint someone to responsibilities.
  • Rob Hunt will be our Head of Marketing. Rob in charge of all marketing material production and implementation. He will also be the primary account manager of government and large private order clients and maintaining those accounts. 
  • Kyle Lumbra is in charge of the division of our digital assets. Kyle will be in charge of investor relations and will have the voting capacity for our crypto investors on our board. 

Private product/ services line

  • Lithophanes – A custom 3D picture that will illuminate your room. 
  • PPE  Products
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Field- Hearing Devices, Surgical Tools,
  • Custom / Replacement Auto Parts- finding online specs and designing our pieces to help some who might not be able to find specific parts due to cars being older or custom. 
  • Custom Firearm Accessories- Fore grips, magazine, stocks
  • Custom Holiday Decorations- tree light figures, tree decoration, halloween costumes, 
  • Prototyping of virtually any type of product. 

Government product/ services line

  • PPE Products
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Weapons Development
  • Medical Field- Hearing Devices, Surgical Tools, 
  • Automotive Parts 
  • Aerospace

PPE Product  Line

  • COVID-19 Mask- The housing of the mask is made of TPU. It is commonly used material in many medical instruments today. The compounds give TPU characteristics of plastic and rubber make it very durable. Some of its most important characteristics for our products are its recycle ability, its resistance to abrasion, resistance to weathering, and its resistance to oils, greases, and solvents.
  • N95 filter- Our filter incorporates 5 filter types making for a remarkable breathing experience. 
  • Face Shield- Our frames are made of PLA and the transparent shields are made of PETG. 

 Organizational Timeline and Goals

**1st Year

  • We want to become a government contractor and establish ourselves to do most of our future business with the American federal, state and local governments for manufacturing and prototyping purposes. We are also going to offer certain products to overseas governments to help combat COVID-19 such as N95 masks and face shields. These are bulk purchases and would create over 7 figures in sales per month. 
  • We are going to be opening an office in Auburndale, Florida where we have our executive offices, perform manufacturing, packaging and warehousing of products. 
  • Create “ERC20 Token” (SWCC) to crowdfund initial start up cost of $1,070,000.00 In accordance with SEC Guidelines. Our team will be listing initially on Uniswap. After meeting the criteria, we will then pursue listings on Coinbase and Binance. We are creating $25,000,000 Sweet coins.
  • Set up our investor website to communicate with our coin holders and make our relevant corporate documents and meetings available.  
  • Manufacturing capabilities of 100k units per month via 3D printing.
  • We are developing our own N95 masks and filter which we are preparing for Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Have this same masks ISO 9001 certified. This will allow is to make FDA approved PPE. 
  • We are applying for over 10 million in grants in the year 2020, enabling us to tool up for the future and procure the necessary skilled employees to implement our future products, technologies, and services.
  • Opening up our online stores for private custom sales products like gun accessories, replacement or custom car parts, toys, models, holidays themed creations and many other items of use. 

**2nd Year

  • We would like to boost our production capability from 100k/ month to 200k/month. 
  • This year we are focusing on the development of our own Wishing Well Delta 3D Printers and basic filaments such as PLA, PETG, SPLA, ABS and TPU. These are the ones we are using most often with the printer until our printers are FAA certified.
  • Procure the equipment for filament recycling. This would get rid of wasted filament and allow us to bring our wastes to near zero. 
  • Begin the process of FAA American and European certifications for printers.
  • Start Security Clearance for our facility and employees. 
  • Finish the standard FDA/ NIOSH approval process for our N95 masks.
  • Arrange our first Military round table conference. 

**3rd & 4th Year

  • 3D printing division will have our “Wishing Well” prototype finished and ready for mass testing to outside partners.
  • Our prototyping division will begin to approach a more exclusive contract given our new security clearance.
  • We will hope to partner with the aviation industry at that time increasing our exposure to these exclusive contracts. 
  • Begin research on our more exotic filaments including Kevlar, Biodegradable plastic that also fertilizes when broken down, and carbon fiber blends. 
  • The 4th year will finish up any goals or tasks we have yet met in the previous years.

 **5th Year

  • We will strive to be producing over a million unit sales per month in our manufacturing division. 
  • Our 3D division should have 2 separate 3D printers in production: Our Wishing Well and Terminator printers ready to go to large scale production (in-house). 
  • Establish our recycling facility and bring on new prototypes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We are purchasing 1000 3D printers this gives us the ability to meet our goal of 100,000 N95 mask by actually surpassing it and giving us 120,000 unit production. 120,000 N95 units per month x 10 is $1,200,000 per month on N95 masks just selling to government entities. 

  • N95 mask material and equipment cost
  • 1000 Delta 3D Printers $300,000
  • 5500 rolls of TPU for $66,000
  • 100,000 N95 filter cut and assembled $30,000
  • Rent $4000 per month
  • Utilities $4000 
  • Electricity is about $3.48 per printer per month which is around $4000 per month based on current electric prices in December 2020. 
  • 50k in company payroll.

After all expenses and taxes are assessed the company will profit over 600k. Which we plan on reinvesting 450k to double capabilities every other month until we feel have reached maximum capacity. 

FDA, ISO, NIOSH, and UL certifications will give us a 100% markup margin that will drastically out weight any additional cost. 

Current disposable one-time use N95 masks are $3.30 per mask at the moment. We believe since our masks are reusable, we believe charging $10 (government wholesale) & $20 for (individual sales)for this reusable mask is more than justifiable. We plan on selling additional filters in 10 packs online for $10, and we believe this is where residual income will play a large role when looking at our opportunities. Our team has selected BioDefensor to handle our N95 filter packaging for efficiency and N95 integrity and who will package our filters for us.

Marketing Plan

Tailoring to our approach to the American Government

Our target market is the American Government and the departments that support them. We do this because we believe America’s critical supply chain is too reliant on other countries and this should be thought of as a national security issue. We intend to provide alternative sources of products that Americans can rely on. Our team will hold a round table with members of our military in order to conduct product research and development targets. We also receive information on government acquisition needs from a few exclusive government sites.  

  • Our team has learned that we can research past government contracts and make ourselves known to the purchasing officer(s) for those contracts and agencies. Building relationships with these specific contacts is key to our future success with contracts in our industries. 
  • When contacting these procurement specialists we first will send a capability statement via email and fax then direct contact by phone. Simply letting them know of our ability to the US government. 
  • We have completed our profiles on Federal and various state/ local governments with plans to open us up to more contracts. We have already received our CAGE# 8LFC4. Which allows us to do business with the Department of Defense, FEMA & DARPA projects. 
  • We are currently undergoing the security clearance process for our company which will make our services available to even more exclusive and lucrative contracts.

Direct Sales Campaigns

  • Our company will be on FedMall which gives us exclusive access to government contracts and makes our products available across all government platforms.
  • The company will have seller profiles on each of our partners’ websites with services available around the globe with stores on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy stores to open us up to the private market on the internet. 
  • Youtube Channel which will review and repair our products for our viewers helping our audience understand their items better and most importantly keep our staff from having to answer FAQ’s. We feel this gives our company and the team a face that will give our clients and customers the security they deserve building trust in our company.


We have established a variety of advertising channels such as: 

  • Listing our Sweetcoin on Coinbase, Uniswap, and Binance. This ofcourse helps us with raising capital but will also allow our products and services to be known to customers across the globe. 
  • The team has an internet presence with our Website SEO and Store profiles on Google, Amazon, Etsy Walmart, eBay and our social media platform integration on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pintrest, Snapchat, Instagram, Discord, Telegraph 
  • We have set up SBA, FEDMALL, and FEMA profiles to increase our visibility of products and services to the federal government. 
  • Our team has also set up profiles on MyFloridaMarketPlace which allows us to do business with the state of Florida, and Vendorlink which allows us to access other local government agencies.  When applying for contracts and grants provide a capability statement and tailor our approach individually to the Agency we are bidding with. .
  • We are making life-size replicas of famous movie characters or pieces from the show for instance, a G.O.T. Royal Throne or Star Wars characters which will be placed around the nation for our GEOCACHE Contest. This is a contest that we will have everyone live stream which we believe can catch on with a large target audience.  

Government Grants

Being a 3D Printing and Prototyping company we are considered an advanced technology company. This is important because there are many opportunities for advanced manufacturing grants on the Federal, State and local levels for us to be manufacturing in Florida. 

In the future we hope some of our partnering companies will be sending us their returned 3D printers, and we are working with other local electronic stores to recycle these otherwise useless products into valuable parts and precious metals. This provides us another unique opportunity with regard to electronics recycling. There are a number of grants that we would be able to procure by recycling the valuable PCBs’ you find in these electronics. Metals such Gold, Silver, Copper & Palladium are the most common.

Competitor Analysis

When it comes to non-government entities, we are the only company to make their own 3D printers from material sourced in America. Our company is also the only 3D printing company inside Polk County. Our team is the only certified repair and recycling center in North America for the world’s leading printer companies. At the moment outside a few smaller stores we are the only 3D printing company in Central Florida.

As for government contractors, there are around 300 companies that have similar manufacturing profiles on SBA.Gov. Of the government contractor profiles available over 60% are incomplete. When taking into account our company’s veteran owned small business status it brings the total down to 77 profiles nationwide. There are even less on the local government websites. Most of these profiles on the government websites are incomplete or do not provide the full scope of services we provide. This is usually indicative of a company that is only looking for grants and not contracting opportunities.

As we stated we think PPE, no matter how many American companies are already doing it PPE will be profitable for years to come. America is still below the CDC requested N95 mask reserve stock amount of 500 million pieces. The current stockpile of N95 masks as of July 22 was only 76 Million. This is because most masks cannot be used more than a few times without falling apart. We have a design we think could change this with our 3D printed mask and in-house N95 rated filters. 

Most notably some leading companies for 3D manufacturing contracts are making well over 70 million in government contracts per year. Here are the top 5 companies last year and what they made off of just federal contracts alone.

All of this information can be verified on usaspending.gov

In the private sector as stated we are the only 3D printing store located in Polk County, and we are making or presence known on the internet. We are sending our capability statement out to a number of companies and professionals some places include hospitals & doctors offices, gaming stores, firearm stores, auto shops and part stores, aviation mechanics, and architects. These are the professions we can assist on a regular basis. Many of the services we provide can be duplicated for many purposes to our clients which makes it extremely valuable. For instance a hospital might need us to make a piece of a bone that has been broken off or an entirely new one. 

Contract Opportunities Research

Top 5 Federal 3D Manufacturing Contracts as of 2019 

  • HENSEL PHELPS CONSTRUCTION CO $143,158,000 Department of Defense
  • INTEGRATED COAST GUARD SYSTEMS  $78,585,725 Department of Homeland Security
  • KBA-NOTASYS S.A. $74,125,195 Department of the Treasury
  • LEIDOS, INC. $54,367,739  General Services Administration
  • HUNTINGTON INGALLS INCORPORATED $42,224,240 Department of Defense

Top 5 Federal Rapid Prototyping Contracts as of 2019

  • GENERAL ATOMICS AERONAUTICAL SYSTEMS $410,981,211 Department of Defense
  • ABBOTT RAPID DX NORTH AMERICA, LLC $174,354,404 Department of Health and Human Services
  • RAYTHEON COMPANY $152,670,007 Department of Defense
  • LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION $127,149,394 Department of Defense
  • ROCKWELL COLLINS, INC. $125,449,630 Department of Defense

State and Local Contracts

Many of the state and local contracts pay 7 figures plus, as these do. Being a Veteran Owned Small Business contracts will come if we tool up for them. We believe American Manufacturing will have huge implications in the future, and we look forward to helping America take that next step. 

3D printing contracts from the State of Florida for 2019.

  • RedStone Defense Systems$7,376,485
  • Ohio Aerospace Institute$3,397,755
  • Tethers Unlimited- $2,516,832
  • B&B Dental$1,420,661
  • Corner Stone Research$1,249,000
  • CU Aerospace L.L.C.- $1,129,926

Fabrication contracts for Polk County Florida.

  • JKS Industries Inc.- $169,022,859
  • Harry Pepper and Associates$84,720,0657
  • GTI Systems Inc$61,914,704
  • Rudolph and Slettin Inc$57,926,880 
  • WRS Infrastructure$19,036,829

Rapid Prototyping for the State of Florida

  • Northrop Grumman Systems$5,199,285,983
  • Space Gateway Support$2,546,941,705
  • Lockheed Martin$1,838,979,015
  • Peraton Inc$1,703,161,709
  • L3 Harris Technologies$1,613,262,804

Of the contracts you see above, just like all government contracts at least 23% was subcontracted to certified small business partners of these companies. This is usually the case with all large contracts by them subcontracting certain parts or pieces out to the small business that can perform. Our company has begun the security clearance process for our employees and will soon be able to certify our facilities. This gives us the opportunity to partner with the defense industries the largest companies adding to our profitability and overall capabilities for the future. 

SWOT Analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)


  • Most importantly our strongest area will be our strength of supply chains. We source many of our materials from right here in the United States. This supply chain will allow us to control efficiency of our order timeline and quality of our products.
  • Our business model will provide the opportunity for us to receive grants and government contracts for years to come ensuring we have a steady client base and income. 
  • Because of our versatility in manufacturing we are able to adjust to the types of products that will allow us to make the most revenue
  • By having our manufacturing HUB on private gated property we make sure security is one of the most important features we have guarding against civil unrest and health crisis.
  • Automation being core in many of our systems will allow us to keep labor cost low and the personnel required will be essential skilled persons and many of our systems operating for 20+ hours per day
  • We will make sure our team has the highest security clearance available to take care of the most sensitive DOD contracts when we have them.
  • All of our products are made to DOD specs. We do this, so we have an easier transition when orders are placed from the government. 


  • SWCC is a new company starting about 60 days before coronavirus (11/01/2019) and business is slow since it’s taking longer to get certified to work with the government since fewer people are answering the phones currently forcing everything via email or internet. 
  • There are not a lot of GSA certified contractors in our industry which makes having a GSA streamlined product more difficult. 
  • Printer filament, electronics components, and N95 material might be the only things we have to source from outside our facility. This will be done through our select list of partners we will promote our companies to source ALL materials from inside the USA. We will also offer other cheaper filaments upon request.
  • Having a facility and a labor force with the skills we require is our biggest expense. 
  • Funds are running low because we were not able to get the business going properly due to complications with the coronavirus and shipping restrictions. 
  • We have positions that need to be filled and can’t be hired due to uncertain futures with our economy.
  • Because we haven’t been able to establish a base of operations we haven’t been able to secure our ISO 9001 or CFR 21 Medical Certification for medical or Personal Protection Equipment products. 


  • We are the only 3D printing company in Central Florida. We are planning on opening offices in Central Florida and 3D Storefronts in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. 
  • There are thousands of opportunities from various government agencies that can produce millions in revenue for the company. Currently, Personal Protection E has huge income potential, and we believe it will be for years to come. 
  • Our team is setting up what will be the first and only repair center in all of North America for what we hope will be many of the world’s leading 3D printer brands. We plan on expanding our storefronts to larger cities across the country.
  • Our team has the ability to create or recreate anything with a proper blueprint but can also use our design and engineering teams to help create products for our clients. This enables us to contact older companies to get the license to recreate their products like antique toys or automotive parts. 


  • Private clients could lose their employment due to COVID-19 and that could take away from company  income.
  • It’s possible we could not get our grants or bids accepted on a contract for a few months. 
  • We could get less funding than we need which is why most businesses fail within the first 2 years.
  • We could not land a government contract which could put major dents in capital available. 
  • Our company could have a hard time finding properly skilled talent that fit in to a small business start up model. 
  • Although at the moment we are the only 3D printing company in Polk County it’s very possible that another one could spring up.


We believe that the partnerships we create are one of the main reasons our company will succeed in the future. Many of our projects are not ones can go at entirely in house for a number of reasons. It is very important to choose our partners wisely and at this point in time have chosen the following partnerships.  

Local Partnerships

  • PTAC- This organization specializes in assisting business contracting with the government on all levels.
  • CFDC- Another organization that will assist us with taking care of certain certifications for equipment requirements like FAA certification and international relations and markets and the grants available to our company for such endeavors.
  • SBDC- Will assist us with fine-tuning our business model and assist us with finding business funding.
  • USF CONNECT- Tampa’s small business incubator. They will assist us in various areas such as equipment procurement and assisting students with job experience and research areas. 
  • UCF Incubator- Orlando’s incubator that focuses on advanced technologies and will allow us to further assist the university in its research endeavors and our overall future employee market. 
  • NASA Incubator- This is an incubator that specializes in aviation and space technology, a market we wish to make ourselves a vendor for in the near future once we have our own FAA certified Delta 3D printer. 

Industry Partnerships

  • Biodefensor- They will supply critical American Made N95 filters to our N95 masks.
  • GST3D– An American Filament Company. They specialize in PLA in many colors.
  • Makerbot- One of the premier companies in the 3D printing world because of their amazing filaments. We are going to use their Carbon Fiber Nylon 12 which is what we will use to replace many of the metal components that our clients might require. 
  • SolidWorks- We are a SolidWorks Entrepreneur Partner. Solid works is a one of kind software that allows to save an abundant amount of time and material with its simulation capabilities. 
  • COEX- This is another American Filament Company. We are using their brand for TPU, ABS, PETG, PLA, and Poly Carbonate.
  • 3DXTech- A great American source for many filament options in a range of specialized filaments specifically carbon fiber for our liking. 
  • Creality– One of the premier Cartesian 3D printers on the market. We are a certified dealer and their first and only North American repair center for their products.
  • FLSUN– This is our favorite Delta 3D printer to use. It is what we used to print our N95 mask with. The printer is very versatile in its capabilities and very cost-effective.
  • Priline– Another foreign filament producer that producers some of our favorite filaments with PLA, TPU, SPLA. 
  • SUNLU– Sunlu makes exotic PLA filaments like carbon fiber, wood, marble, and metal silk. 

Research Partners

  • Campbell Scientific– This company will assist us as an independent entity that will test our manufactured products, helping us find our durability specs and will be a crucial part of our Quality Control process. 
  • USF Connect– We are able to use their facilities and research expertise for product testing and 
  • Molekule– This company produces an air purifier that we hope to integrate into our N95 mask. 
  • NIOSH- This company certifies filters to meet criteria specifically N95 rating.
  • FDA– The FDA certifies products meet FDA requirements’ working with them allows us to ensure we keep our clients safe.

Facilities & Utilities

  • We have a headquarters, warehouse, manufacturing and fabrication facility located on one secured property in Auburndale, FL. This will serve as our manufacturing hub and electronics recycling center. This facility is the one we are using to get our security clearance for the government. The facility has security 24 hours a day and is gated. The facility is easily accessed by trucks and has a rail line available should we need to activate it. 

Verified Vendor for the following Government Agencies

  • GSA
  • DOD
  • FEMA
  • NASA
  • Red Cross
  • State of Florida- Division of Emergency Management
  • City of Newberry
  • Polk County School Board
  • Polk County Board of Commissioners
  • Brevard County School Board
  • Canaveral Port Authority
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center
  • And over 70 other state agencies

We are also vendors for various school boards, Board of county commissioners, sheriff offices and other municipalities. We have made ourselves available to as many agencies as possible, and we are making new vendor connections every day. Our company firmly believe in supporting our communities and making our products with our local heroes in mind. Our team also supports the view of many current economists in regard to the COVID-19 economy. The government on all levels federal, state and local, will be cemented for sometime as the world’s the largest buyers of nearly every type of product that Americans will use over the next decade or so. This is one of the many reasons our company is posturing itself to procure those contracts in the future. We are also looking beyond American borders to procure contracts internationally. Specifically with PPE and future 3D printer sales. 

Featured Projects Overview

We have a vast array of products we can produce with our equipment. One of our main focuses will be producing our own printer. The 3D Printers we have designed are made in America at our own factory. Nearly every single piece will be made in house. We do this because we feel America’s manufacturing supply chain can easily be skewed because at least some pieces of products are made elsewhere in the world hindering production. We cannot have this be a weakness for our country or company. 

  • Our Wishing Well model is a PLA, METAL & CNC milling machine. It is capable of making nearly every piece of every product on the planet. The CNC laser is modular and can be sold separately or as a set with the printer. The printer will offer modular upgrades such as extruders, hot ends, and beds. There is really not much else to say when it comes to this piece. We believe it to be one of our best products available to America’s Manufacturing base in the future.
  • Custom 3D Model library. We are creating a library of products that we can easily send to our clients. The libraries range from antique auto parts & toys right through today’s airplane parts and custom firearm accessories. One of our visions for the future is to java a large 3D model library which will send our patented file to customers who have their own 3D printer at home allowing them to cut cost by attempting to print the item themselves.
  • PPE Products- As we have stated we believe the N95 PPE market will be substantial over the next 5-10 years. Fulfilling our government contracts for these products will build our relationship with the federal government, helping us to procure Multiple Award Schedule contracts which would be a very lucrative contract for our company. 

Manufacturing Research & Statistic

Many of our American supply chains are at least partly if not entirely in the hands of foreign countries, some of which have opposing views of our country. This is viewed by many to be a national security issue, not just because trade war can be a problem depending on world economic issues or natural disasters. Currently, we are seeing with COVID-19 that supply chain access and availability is crucial for All American business. Waiting on a container ship to go weeks across the ocean is not always an option or at the very least the best option.

By bringing most of our manufacturing capability back to America, integrating our recycling capabilities with production will go a long way if we are to secure our countries stability, economically and environmentally. Preserving our natural resources and getting the most out of what we have available has to be a primary focus for America in the future. 

The following articles refer to different critical sections of our economy that are tied to countries that can very easily withhold these vital pieces of our infrastructure.

Environmental Impact

Our idea of American manufacturing is to mostly use plastics made from plant materials such as PLA, which is made of cornstarch and completely biodegradable. PLA like many of our filaments is recyclable, with the proper equipment we are able to recycle this onsite. For instance, when having a miss print with our PLA filaments we can use this to create new filaments and bring our production cost down and most importantly a carbon footprint. 

Printer Filaments

We utilize a variety of filaments depending on need. For many of our prints we use PLA because of its environmentally friendly properties. However, a close second currently would be TPU which is another product we are capable of recycling. Many of our products share this environmentally friendly trait. It is using sustainable resources and methods that is our core business practice.

TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane- is one of the most popular flexible filaments on the market.  Just like TPE, this is durable, flexible and strong like rubber. This material is what we are making our flexible designs from. This is very useful in the making of our COVID-19 N95 Mask. This has properties of both rubber and plastic. TPU filaments are not toxic and are generally safe in many applications depending on several factors, they are even used in biomedical cases. This material is recyclable.

ABS- Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is the second most commonly used filament. ABS 3D printer filament has moderate strength and flexibility, and it features superior melt flow characteristics. ABS has a high heat tolerance, which allows it to withstand hot temperatures, but where it really shines is its durability. This filament is ideal for items that are frequently handled, dropped, or heated. These high-quality ABS material properties make this the right choice for general-purpose printing. This is used when making things that needs strength and durability with higher heat tolerances, like auto parts. 

PETG- Polyethylene Terephthalate glycol-modified- is one of the most common plastics in the world today, and is being used for food containers, water bottles, and even clothing fibers. Its high mechanical strength, resistance to extreme temperatures, and ability to restrict moisture, has made it and its several variations useful for the food industry, as thermal insulation material, or as precursors for engineering resins. Adding glycol during the polymerization process results in the formation of a “glycol-modified” PET, or PETG. The addition of glycol results in plastic that is more durable, less brittle, clearer, and easier to use.

Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber- It combines Nylon 12 resin and chopped carbon-fiber to deliver tremendous durability and flexural strength. FDM Nylon 12CF has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any FDM thermoplastic, and it has the structural characteristics required to replace metal tooling. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon optimized for high strength to weight ratio, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.

PLA- Polylactic Acid- is a biodegradable and bioactive polyester made up of lactic acid building blocks. Early applications of high-density PLA were mostly limited to biomedical areas due to its ability to be safely absorbed biologically. Over the past decades, the development of economical production methods and a rising environmental consciousness in consumers lead to the widespread use of PLA as packaging material for consumer goods. PLA is manufactured from renewable sources and is biodegradable, addressing problems with current solid waste disposal techniques and lessening our dependence on petroleum-based raw materials. It is currently the second most produced and consumed bioplastic in the world in terms of volume.

N95 Filter Material 

  • MERV 16 Filter Material Roll – 95 Percent Efficiency – Breathable Non-woven Polyester Polycarbonate – DIY Cut to Fit Face Mask Filter Inserts – Made in USA
  • Melt blown Nonwoven Cloth Filter Fabric for Various Masks, Non-Woven Material for Breathing Efficiency Filters of Mask
  • Application Activated Carbon Filter to filter out smells and to add to the N95 efficiency
  • Copper Mesh to give our filter antimicrobial properties
  • Disposable Waterproof Non-Woven Fabric Cloth, 95% Polypropylene Fabric, DIY Handmade Material, Waterproof and Breathable Skin-Friendly and Soft

Future Recycling capabilities

We can extract many valuable metals from electronics like aluminum which would be the most abundant of them from the computer’s frame. To put some numbers on it, the EPA states that for every 1 million cell phones recycled we can get these amounts of precious metals: 

  • 35,274 pounds of copper   $123,983.24
  • 772 pounds of silver    $272,904.25
  • 75 pounds of gold    $2,012,948.40
  • 33 pounds of palladium    $1,081,711.87

All precious metals will be secured in our company vault and will not be sold unless required for the company and coins’ survival. When it comes to Aluminum we will melt and recast this to produce the frames for our own 3D printer pieces. Any excess aluminum would be smelted into ingots and sold upon surplus amount and approval from our board. We plan on increasing our recycling ability every year due to its profitability and tax incentives. We believe investing in this process has its obvious environmental benefits but will also boost brand recognition and consumer trust.

Capital Procurement Strategy

We are creating our own ERC-20 token which we will use as a crowdfunding and investment source. We are minting 50,000,000 Sweet Coins (SWCC). Our company will hold 60% of all coins to help keep coin value stable. We expect to raise at least $1,070,000 in funding with these listings. Any excess to the initial amount of $1,070,000 will be discussed with our legal and tax teams as to how we are legally able to use the funds. Our team believes we will be able to transfer funds into one of our projects to bring more raw material sources to America. After hundreds of phone calls we have most companies are purchasing raw materials from foreign sources. 

We will generate value for our coin based our ability to manufacture and create something with the money that initially invested and making the company stable with those profits and injection of 15% revenue every year. We will also use the precious metals sourced from recycling endeavors to back the coin with more than just a company and its revenues. Our company believes this will be a model that we can duplicate around the United States and the globe. 

Another source of funding for our yearly funding target we can utilize is government grants, we are applying for over 10 Million in grants in 2020 alone. We will continue applying for in the future for these grants as often as we can, until we have procured the funding amount required for our future endeavors. We will begin filling PPE orders once we have tooled our manufacturing base and obtained our FDA EUA & ISO 9001 Certification, allowing us to sell a certified product meeting U.S. and international standards. 

Our team is applying for a Small Business Innovation Research status. This would provide us $150k from the DARPA program. If we are awarded the contract the State of Florida would assist us with an additional $50k. After receiving our first award one year later we are able to have our business vetted and if it is found worthy we would be granted an additional $1 Million from the DARPA program plus $250K from the state. We believe our prototype Terminator printer/ CNC laser is exactly what the American manufacturing system is looking for. 

For our recycling equipment we will work with the State of Florida which will assist us in procuring $250,000 which is more than enough to set up our equipment and hire on required labor force. 

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is based on the product/ service required. This is broken down in our financial analysis reports. These will become available with the launch on Uniswap on Jan. 1, 2021. Our margins are large and we are developing new partnerships daily. 

Capital Repayment Plan

We will make repayments of any obligation based on the contractual obligations signed in to pertaining to debt contracts. Our company’s credit is of the highest importance and debt will always be paid. 

Initial Financial Requirements

We are seeking 450k in initial funding from traditional banking sources, if we do not generate enough revenue with our Sweetcoin Digital Asset. This will be used to pay for skilled labor and equipment required to procure the contracts we seek. We will also be working with the US military, Florida Poly tech and Polk State College who have 3D Printing and Engineering courses. We hope by using these sources for vetting and hiring on the skilled labor which allows us to shift our focus to really sinking our teeth into the government markets as an established GSA certified corporation.  


In summation, we feel our company offers our country a chance to become a truly self-sufficient nation by providing a model that can be replicated. Allowing us to bring the value of sustainable integration of advanced technologies to our nation’s core business philosophy. Our model provides a number of benefits such as making small communities stronger in natural disaster situations, a very efficient and adaptable machine for wartime, and makes nearly any economic situation easier to handle by giving communities access to products that would otherwise be unavailable without having them shipped from sources a great distance away. We welcome the challenge this endeavor provides us with and most importantly the opportunity to help our community become a strong member of our community and our government clients.